Accords nouveaux

François-Pierre Goy & Andreas Schlegel

A Sources as entities, or persons whose names occur in sources (listed by source numbers)

Louis de Geer
20-S-N 1122
21-S-N 9075
22-S-N 9096:11

In his article French Lutenists and French Lute Music in Sweden (this link brings you to the most recent version), Kenneth Sparr expresses the opinion that the writer of these source was not Louis de Geer the Elder (1587–1652), but his son Louis de Geer (1622–1695).

B Individual pieces (sorted following PAN)

PAN 13.014, 4-Gehema, fol. 5v

Mathias Rösel has communicated on 2 October 2010, that the title written over this song must not be read “Ich weiß vor unaussprechliche pein” but “Ach waß vor vnausprechlich pein”. Grimmelshausen mentions the song (Trutz Simplex, 1670, chapter 16, p. 150) and informs his reader that it was called The Dappled (“der Scheck genannt”).
Eberhard Nehlsen, who has conducted extensive research into song broadsheets, has kindly informed us that the lute piece is one of the two extant sources for the music of this song. (The other one is A-KR L 81.)

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