Accords nouveaux

François-Pierre Goy & Andreas Schlegel

Notes on François-Pierre Goy’s thesis about the lute music in Accords Nouveaux

In 1988/89 François-Pierre Goy submitted his thesis Les sources manuscrites de la musique pour luth sur les “ACCORDS NOUVEAUX” (vers 1624–vers 1710) : catalogue commenté to the Paris-Sorbonne university. At the same time Andreas Schlegel worked on his recording project Schweizer Lautenmusik – Lautenmusik aus Schweizer Handschriften (Swiss lute music – Lute music from Swiss manuscripts), a CD which also contains music in Accords Nouveaux. Robert Spencer brought both researchers into contact with another, and this became the start of a fruitful collaboration. François-Pierre Goy consented some years later to Andreas Schlegel’s requests to make his thesis available to a wider public. After almost twenty years have elapsed since it was published first, there were some editorial decisions to be made.

The question of how to bring the thesis’s contents up to date led to the decision to publish it in the form of a slightly updated pdf file, and to open the website The purpose of the website is to collect information and knowledge about the music in Accords Nouveaux, and to check this constantly against the current state of knowledge on the subject. We intend to make this an interactive process, and want to invite our readers to participate with their knowledge, critics, and commendations.

Of course, information and corrections received will be dealt with and shall appear on the Errata and Addenda page.

In principle, the thesis is published in the version of 1988/89. To make its contents better accessible, many sigils and references were renamed in order to show more clearly what are the contents behind them. In addition, some of the chapters have received a different graphic design, and a separate Guide pratique in the form of a pdf file to be found in the website offers additional help and advice. This guide brings together those tables and illustrations which are needed as reference material for the reader, and which to find in the thesis itself would require time and effort.

These modifications have caused the need for more space on the page than in the original format. To keep the sequence of pages as much the same as in the original version as possible, and thus make it possible to cite from the pdf, we have enlarged the print space in the first part of the thesis (I:1–276), where this was necessary. There are however some adjustments, which are described in detail in the Avertissement, from page 6 on.

In addition to the pdf version of the thesis, there is a data bank covering all manuscript sources described (that is: those sources or sections in sources with pieces in Accords Nouveaux), and the printed music in Accords Noveaux. Listings from this data bank can be downloaded in pdf format. Specific sortings or data inquiries can be requested via the contact page. The data bank will be regularly updated. We appreciate comments and hints.


The entire thesis can be downloaded here (37 MB).


Comments on the pdf version:

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