Accords nouveaux

François-Pierre Goy & Andreas Schlegel

The data bank of the writer’s hands in the sources of the Music in Accords Nouveaux is work in progress


Here is a link to an article on Bullen Reymes by François-Pierre Goy

Reymes was the possessor of 27-Reymes and has entered there 57 pieces in his own hand. Another hand, a certain “Hebert” who was possibly the first lute teacher of Reymes, has entered another 51 pieces into 27-Reymes, and 60 pieces into 12-Panmure 5. René Mesangeau entered a fragmentary (fol. 2v) and 13 complete pieces (fol. 18v–24r) between 7 February and 12 June 1632. In fol. 22v (PAN 3.091), 23r (PAN 3.033), and 24r (PAN 5.136) he has written down pieces in C major (given that the sixth course was tuned to A), in which C is located in the 11th course, instead of the 10th course beingtuned down, as in the variant of PAN 3.033 on p. 22 of the 1638 Ballard print. In the last piece the 11th course is only used once, at the beginning of the piece. In all other pieces, C is on the 10th course.

The article has been published in the proceedings of the colloquium Luths et luthistes en Occident: actes du colloque organisé par la Cité de la musique, 13–15 mai 1998, Paris: Cité de la musique 1999, pp. 185–200. These are out of print. The Cité de la musique has kindly permitted to make the article available here.

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